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Raja Changez Sultan is an internationally recognized poet and painter having held over 50 solo exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad. He ‘s done his MFA and MSc from Columbia University, New York in Creative Writing and Journalism respectively. 

The pursuit of painting and poetry has defined his life from a very early age when he decided his ambition was to simply write 10 good poems and paint 10 good paintings in his lifetime. Nearing his sixties now, he still wonders whether he has achieved what he set out to accomplish. In his words “I will never know if my ten best poems and paintings are ahead of my or if I have already accomplished my goals, but my fascination with these two permanent art forms, nonetheless, continues to this day!”

The DIVIDED SELF and the HIMALAYAN ODYSSEY are the two principal themes he paints. One is an examination of the human condition in that all of us have so many people living inside of us and we are different people at different times. To find a visual solution to project this has been his aim.

The HIMALAYAN ODYSSEY Series allows him to be expansive. It deals with light striking mountain forms. It is spiritual as much as it is imaginative.

His poetry and other writing builds on the premise that art is a universal alloy that bridges differences between people and allows a better understanding and appreciation of the human spirit.